Heysen Trail advocate Richard Trembath

Richard Trembath is the President of the Friends of The Heysen Trail, a not-for-profit association that works in the interests of South Australia’s 1200- kilometre long Heysen Trail.

As a consultant, Richard has advised tourism bodies and corporations on large-scale tourism research.

In this podcast, Richard Trembath talks about the need for small tourism operators to identify where they want themselves to be positioned – in their personal lives and in the tourism industry.

Click here to go to the Greenhill Research and Planning site. This links to a page with reports on;

South Australian Visitor Information Centre Research: 2011

Click here to download

Health Tourism In Australia: Supply, Demand and Opportunities
Click here to download

Destination Salience: A model of consideration and choice for Australian holiday travel South Australian
Click here to download

Backpacker Travellers in South Australia
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The Tourism News spoke to Richard Trembath in October 2013.

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