Accommodation operator – Julie Irwin

PICTURE: Julie Irwin and The Tourism News journalist Veronica Hope

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Accommodation operator – Julie Irwin

Julie Irwin is the proprietor of Adelaide Beaches Holiday Villas. As such, she is The Tourism News’ and Australian Voice For Tourism’s ideal customer: one of 96000 Australian tourism operators with under 20 employees.

Julie only began her journey as a tourism operator as a result of the Global Economic Crisis of 2008. Her previous IT work had dried up, and Adelaide was the perfect change of scenery from Brisbane.

Adelaide Beaches Holiday Villas is currently running on 60% occupancy and has plans to reach 75% in FY15.

In this podcast, Julie talks about how she came to be a tourism operator, the stripping bare and rebuilding of the villas, and why tourism operators need to be answering customer emails within an hour or two.

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