Social Media Setup


See below for Case Study: Loxley on Bellbird Hill. Loxley’s page had 3600 likes in 2014 after some basic setup work was done in 2013.

Want to get your social media off the ground?

Many businesses have dabbled in social media but haven’t quite gotten off the ground. Australian Voice can coordinate your efforts for a one-off fee of $255.

A basic calibration of social media includes tidying up a business’s existing accounts, wrangling logins into one document, and adding your most important contact details, Google location connections, indicative photos, product offerings and calls to action to all of your preferred platforms.

Don’t waste time and money doing updates that aren’t seen. Call Veronica on 04001 80001 (Newcastle, NSW) for more information.

Case study: Loxley On Bellbird Hill

Loxley On Bellbird Hill is a gorgeous heritage property at the foot of the Blue Mountains, just outside Sydney.

Knowing that weddings are Loxley’s big earner, Australian Voice was able to collect dozens of wedding photos and upload them to Facebook. Hundreds of gorgeous bridal photos showcasing the property were liked and shared, with Australian Voice monitoring the commentary.

With Australian Voice’s help, Loxley gained over 1000 ‘likes’ for their page within a few weeks. Australian Voice was then able to farm that activity into 15 qualified wedding leads and 85 other warm leads.

Our $255 cost is based on 3 hours work at $85 an hour. We can leave you with a step by step guide on how to maintain good social media, or you can pay us to do it for you.

To coordinate your internet presence, call Veronica on 0400 180001.