Social Media Monitoring and Maintenance


Australian Voice can maintain your social media presence for $255 p/w.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Circles, Reddit – the basic functions of updating, sharing, interacting and responding are the same no matter what the platform.

Australian Voice’s AUD$255 price is based on 3 hours of activity through the week. 3 hours could include regular updates, forwarding sales queries to your staff, uploading and tagging/ sharing photos, interacting with other businesses, optimising ‘check-ins’ or controlling a Saturday night explosion of popularity.

You can prescribe Australian Voice’s maintenance activities, or take our advice on the most effective means of Social Media communication.

All interactions are tracked and clients are educated on how to measure effectiveness.

To speak to Australian Voice about how your internet presence can be easily maintained, call Veronica Hope on 0400180001 (Newcastle, NSW).