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Why I’ll be taking Emily Oster’s pregnancy advice… and no-one else’s.

Veronica Hope’s self-analysis led her to believe that her own mental health was the biggest deciding factor in the future success or failure of her own marriage, family and career. What is new here is the manifestation of valuing a … Continue reading

Australia’s tourism regions – mapped

new south wales australia tourism regions victoria australia tourism regions queensland australia tourism regions south australia tourism regions western australia tourism regions tasmania australia tourism regions northern territory australia tourism regions

What is a GIF? How can I make an Australian Flag GIF?

A gif file is a tiny low-resolution video that shows the same tiny piece of footage continuously. It’s a great way to bring life to your website, and easy to do. Find out here how to add an Aussie flag to your site. Continue reading

Tourism 2020 – Tourism Australia’s summary

Tourism 2020 is Tourism Australia and Labor’s guide to where we want Tourism in Australia to be by the year 2020. Specific goals are better but having a vision for the future is a good start. Below is a summary of the federal government’s tourism goals from 2012. Continue reading

Federal Budget Fact Sheet 9th May 2012

This breakdown of tourism spending is a basic summary as provided on Minister Ferguson’s website. Continue reading

‘Tourism’ Ministers & Shadow Ministers at 15 Nov 2012

Tourism Ministers are often looking for good news stories to promote themselves so get in contact with your minister and make your needs known. Download the names and contact details of your tourism ministers and shadow ministers here.

How to write for your website

Writing text for websites is different to other writing. If your reader gets bored, they’re gone. There is an art to combining strong keywords with natural-sounding copy. Contrary to popular opinion on advertising, the copy can’t be written by monkeys on typewriters – it’s a skill, but it can be learnt. When in doubt, just be succinct. Continue reading

How to create a website in 5 easy steps

This basic guide explains the key steps in going online; 1/ Domain name 2/ Hosting 3/ Your IP address 4/ The site itself 5/ Site text 6/ Website benefits important to you. Continue reading

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