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Veronica Hope
Ben Clark
ICT Manager
As Editor of The Tourism News, Veronica Hope is constantly aware of the issues facing Australian tourism operators. Having worked in tourism, customer service and online sales environments for 15 years, there isn’t much Veronica doesn’t know about Australian tourism – and as The Tourism News is 100% independent – there’s nothing she’s afraid to ask. Ben Clark’s experience scoping, planning and managing large-scale IT infrastructure is the perfect fit for Australian Voice For Tourism’s information technology goals.Working flexibly in remote locations, Ben project manages highly-profitable, low-maintenance IT systems – like the NZ Ultra Fast Broadband – and lives the dream at the same time.


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The Tourism News

Australian Voice For Tourism (AVFT) was established to help Australian tourism operators’ online operations.

Research began in 2008. Now large amounts of Australian tourism data are online, being referenced by hundreds of operators every week.

Across backgrounds in IT, online marketing, hospitality and journalism, our team have been listening to the concerns of tourism operators for combined 29 years.

Australian Voice For Tourism is market-based in a century defined by techniological and cultural shifts well beyond the grasp of bureaucratic organisations.

Thetourismnews.com.au is an independent daily news website for Australian tourism operators.

In 2011, there were 1,113,000 Australians employed just in hospitality, arts and recreation businesses.

48% of these businesses are small businesses – the grass roots of Australian tourism.

These tourism operators are affluent, motivated entrepreneurs.

Australian tourism operators are the core of a $43b industry. They need news.